Warm Greetings.....

Warm Greetings.....
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Saturday, 26 April 2008

Crocheted Star Blanket & 'Sunny mini tassel'

This week I have completed these 2 projects.
The Crocheted Star blanket was made into a large pentagon shape with white for maiden, silver for moon mother & black for crone. In the centre I crocheted a fine black pentagram - the idea of the blanket is that it has been blessed with good wishes for a family member 'Ariann' who is due to give birth very soon.
The second completed project was the mini tassel which I called 'Sunny' because of the colours I used and also the process which created the large bead which I got from my 'Beaddreamz' group files. Intially it consists of a layout of spokes of 10 sets of beads which looked like sunshine rays to me. I enjoyed making it & am going to experiment with this process some more.

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  1. Great work! I love the pentagram style afgan, 'stars' are my favorite, and the beaded tassel is great, I haven't tried one yet but want to. We always hung tassles in my daughters room, to distract the fairies and keep them from knotting her hair while she slept.


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