Warm Greetings.....

Warm Greetings.....
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Sunday, 10 January 2010

Pink leopard skin Princess throne

My daughter loves pink leopard skin patterns, my Yule gift to her this year was revamping this old wooden chair.
After stripping off the old paint & sanding down I painted a few layers of pink metallic wood paint then handpainted the leopard print spots with black acrylic paint & red to add highlights.
Finally I ended by varnishing the chair. She was delighted by the result - A pink leopard print throne fit for a princess.

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Garden Goddess Beaded doll

This gorgeous beaded doll aptly entitled
'Garden Goddess' arrived in my post, much to my delight last week; from a very talented lady in Michigan named Heather.
The above pic depicts the reverse side, the following pic is showing the front of Garden Goddess and the final pic show her besides the 3 stones that Heather so kindly sent with the doll taken from Lake Michigan.

Heather made her in response to the 'Pay it forward' beaded comfort doll project.
I also make these beaded dolls and was delighted to be the recipient of one, so now know how nice it is to receive them as well as making and sending them.
Many thanks Heather for such a beautiful suprise, I truly appreciate her.

To see more of Heather's wonderful creations please visit: http://heathershaven2.blogspot.com/

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Beaded Goddess Doll

This is my latest little beaded Goddess doll. She is entitled: "Little ray of sunshine" the fringing is meant to represent rays of sunshine reaching out.
I made her face from oven bake clay before painting it and then beading around it onto the crushed velvet fabric.

Friday, 9 January 2009

Prehistoric Beads

Recently archaeologists discovered beads in a cave in South Africa dating back 75,000 years. These beads from the Middle Stone Age period were made from shells, pierced and strung. The beads could have been used either to decorate clothing, worn as jewellery or even as some prehistoric method of bookkeeping.
Lead author Professor Christopher Henshilwood reported in 2004 issue of ‘Science’ journal:“These beads are symbolic, and symbolism equates with modern human behaviour,”he went on to quote:“Now we have evidence at 75,000 years ago for people to be able to store information outside the brain, in an artificial information device like a book or a computer,”
“We don’t know exactly how they were used, but we do know that in all instances where beads are used in hunter-gatherer societies, the beads have meaning. They are not merely decoration.”
Even jewellery communicates information, , Henshilwood argued.
“If you are wearing a Bulgari necklace, you are making a statement,” he said. “Or a rosary.”
The importance of the bead find suggest that intellectually modern human beings descend not from Europe as scientists had previously suggested but originate from Africa.

Friday, 14 November 2008

Prayer Boxes

Prayer Boxes can be used for many different uses. Many people keep them upon their shrines and ask that their own tutelary Goddess Bless the prayers & wishes placed within the box.
The idea is that you write down your desire (or even write down a prayer on behalf of others) and place the wish inside the box.
You may also like to keep reiki symbols to enhance the manifestation process, or draw other meaningful symbols such as goddess spiral or pentagram or whatever else you may feel is appropriate.
You may also care to add crystals, herbs and elaborate the process as much as you want so it becomes more like a spell or you may just prefer to keep it simple,
The choice is personal.

My own small wooden box is one that I found in an occult shop which I like because it’s made from oak and has a silver pentagram inlaid on the lid. It just makes me feel happy to look at it.
I also have a large one that I made from an old recycled wooden toolbox which I painted silver inside and then embellished with silver glitter spirals. The outside is painted in the colours of either the rising/setting sun with a large dragon over the top which I am rather proud of.
I read in a Feng Shui book once never to put any kind of border around Dragons because they like to roam free and have a chance to grow bigger (I think they were talking specifically about Dragon logos on business cards) – anyway, this stayed in my mind so my dragon remains unrestricted J
I now use the Dragon box to keep my candles in & to bless them.

One final object I use is also a pink prayer basket, I found it in a charity shop I love its vibrant pink colour and the shape of it, this one was used more specifically for Reiki healing prayers, I write down the healing required either for a person, animal or situation and put in my pink prayer basket. At the bottom of it I keep Reiki symbols & as I close the lid I ask that the Goddess may assist with the healing process. Then whenever I can I hold the basket and envisage the healing assistance going to the named recipients in the pink basket.
Distance healing can be fun, its nice to be able to focus our intentions like this, I often feel tingling in my hands whilst holding them over the prayer boxes, also amulets, charms or just nice gifts for people may also be placed within to imbue with a special bit of magic.

I hope this inspires you to make a little prayer box of your own, you could even make one from cardboard and decorate with your own designs & embellishments. There are lots of box templates on the internet freely available to printout, you could even recycle old cereal boxes or any bits of old cardboard and transform into a beautiful personal prayer box.

Sunday, 26 October 2008

Crocheted Witch hat

Heres my daughter modelling a crocheted witches hat I made for Halloween. Here is a pattern to make one:
Using an F hook and black worsted weight yarn…
For the coneSc3 sts in a circleSc evenSc2 into each st (6 sts)Sc evenSc1, sc2 into next st* around (9 sts)Sc evenSc2, sc2 into next st* around (12 sts)Sc evenSc3, sc2 into next st* around (15 sts)Sc evenkeep a long thread at end to use for sewing
For the brimSc5 sts in a circleSc2 into each st (10 sts)sc1, sc2 into next st* around (15 sts)sc2, sc2 into next st* around (20 sts)sc3, sc2 into next st* around (25 sts)sc4, sc2 into next st* around (30 sts)Break yarn, and weave in ends.

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

wee ninja man

felted Wee Ninja Guy (black on one side green on the other as depicted above)
I made the ninja guy for my son Justins 27th birthday this week. He always liked playing at being a ninja when he was a little kid, you have to remember Ninja mutant turtles were all the rage back then and yes we did keep a pet turtle and yes its name was Donatello,
it actually grew enormous after a few years though and we had to take him to a special turtle sanctuary at the other end of the country.

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Friday, 22 August 2008

Freeform Peyote bracelet

This bracelet was made from Freeform peyote stitch which is the first time that I have attempted this method, I made it for the monthly Beaddreamz group challenge (It was about my fourth attempt).

I entitle the piece 'The Green movement' as I used the lovely glass leaves which move whilst you wear it.

Sunday, 20 July 2008

Goddess Dolls

The first Beaded doll is called 'Tara Star at the top of the mountain' named by Olivia Robertson of the Fellowship of Isis.
The second beaded doll I call Babalon.

Healing goddess dolls have become quite a phenomena, they come in all shapes & sizes and made from a whole host of materials.
The idea is that they represent your chosen goddess or healing intentions & are imbued with your healing thoughts, energies, prayers, well wishes which may be put together in the form of a simple tiny doll for a specific purpose.
For example a seasonal devotional doll in honour of the wheel turning or a doll in the shape of a traditional ‘goddess pose’ such as the famous ‘The Lady of the Nile’ with open up stretched crescent arms
These dolls could be in any of the goddess triple aspects or you may choose a specific goddess to preside over said celebrations and choose to make it in her image. For example the Goddess Flora of Springtime could be made from floral fabric and you may like to embellish her design with tiny beaded flowers & leaves. You could place floral aromatherapy scents inside the dolls body & even prayers or wishes and herbs and crystals if you wished to do so. You’re only limited by your own imagination.

Another wonderful offering of your Goddess/spirit/comfort/healing dolls can be to become involved in the ‘Comfort doll’ project.
Lots of generous spirited ladies are making little so called ‘comfort dolls’ some with beautiful messages of hope embellished onto them. I have seen fine examples with simple inspirational inscriptions carefully embroidered onto them which read such encouraging words as:

Dream - Joy – Create – Dance – Blessings - And a whole host of other positive affirmations.

These ‘comfort dolls’ are sent to venerable victims in positions of having to rebuild new lives after undergoing some major life trauma such as ladies in woman’s refuges and of recent the Tsunami victims.
I believe they are a lovely idea if you have lost everything, or lonely, sad, frightened to think someone, somewhere has taken the time and energy to make a personal little offering to lend a little hope means a lot.
They are something tangible to keep as a constant message of light in the world and a reminder that people do care, a lady could keep a comfort doll close to her in her pocket or handbag.
To see more about the comfort doll project please visit:


I have enjoyed making these little goddess dolls over the years, and know they can be as simple or complex as you wish them to be. I’ve held free workshops in my local park for moms and daughters to make these little dolls together. Kids just love making them as much as we do.
If the children are too young to use needle and thread they still can stick them together using beads and coloured threads.
It’s great fun too to recycle pretty old fabric scraps and broken jewellery and in turn create a new work of art. I’m always collecting everywhere I go, looking out for bits and pieces to use. People are usually quite happy to donate old broken beads and glittery things to use and it can become quite contagious with other people getting involved too.
These tiny dolls are easy to carry whilst you are working on them, so you need never have another bored moment again you can take a little goddess doll work kit with you wherever you may go and just add a little bit at a time, it’s surprising how they develop into beautiful personalities all of their own.
Happy Birthing of your own Goddess dolls ladies.

Love – Rosie x

Here are a few more links for you to enjoy.

A free printable pattern from here

Lovely examples of easy to make spirit dolls:
Check out the final Goddess spirit healing doll and how this inspired lady added natural symbolism to help her friend with cancer.

This lady makes beautiful examples too which she sells. The ideas for ritual use are lovely.

Check out these beaded beauties:

Nice free goddess/fairy pattern

Free Poppet doll pattern (a good simple one awaiting embellishments)

Earth doll free pattern & instructions


Saturday, 5 July 2008

Beaded critters

My latest obsession seems to be making these beaded critters as they are often referred to on the internet.

They are made using beading wire and a very simple weaved loop technique.

The frog pattern I made I got from:

Which is a French website but has excellent free instructions & easy to follow diagrams.
The mini cat is my own design.

Thursday, 12 June 2008

Beaded Labyrinth

Here are the 3 stages of my latest completed work which I did as part of a monthly bead challenge for my beading group 'Beaddreamz'.

These small panels are called Magic Carpets.
I intend to work on a series of various labyrinths, to reflect the beauty in the design of them.

I found it best to start off working on a small embroidery hoop and then move on to the larger square one. The beads are mostly glass seed beads and smaller czech ones that I have used and 4 silver heart embellishments at each corner which I thought would be nice to add as love and blessings going out to the four quarters.

Sunday, 8 June 2008

Mr Happy

Heres a cute happy chappy I found on my walk along Hastings beach on one particular gloomy afternoon.I didn't feel much like smiling myself on that day whilst being immersed in my own minor problems, then as I glanced down at the beach Mr Happy Stone said:
"Go on smile, you know you want to".......................
He now lives in my purse just to remind me that Mother Nature is always smiling :)
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Freecycle Spiral Wand

‘Free cycle’ is a network which exists globally to enable people to recycle items rather than throw useable objects of all descriptions away.
Things which are no longer wanted but still may be useful to another person. It keeps good useable items out of the landfill sites and passes on items that we have which are cluttering up the home, are no longer being used or just surplus to requirements & no longer needed.
Check out freecycle.org to find out your nearest group and join. It works through yahoo groups & e mail & telephone (which is all you’ll need to get started)

Personally I along with millions of other people globally think it to be a wonderful scheme, I’ve received a few items that I have wanted & been delighted with over the past 2 years since becoming a freecycle member.
Also I have managed to pass on things which enabled me to create more space at home & clutterbust secure in the knowledge that my old things were being passed on to do some more good in the universe.

One true story that I’d like to share here, involves my most recent acquisition in the way of ritual regalia.
I believe the Goddess does indeed work in mysterious ways & sometimes if we are meant to acquire a particular ‘power tool’ to assist with our magick work then Isis, as I have discovered ensures that it comes to us one way or another.

This particular story started about 3 years ago when my daughter and I were walking through the trendy ‘Old Town’ area of Hastings, near where we live. Whilst window shopping together one afternoon we both noticed in the display of one particular shop a beautiful handcrafted wooden wand which I thought to be quite special has it had a natural twisted piece of wood around it which the artist had left alone, although the remainder of the wood had been enhanced by the burnishing of pretty goddess spirals upon it which to my mind only added to it’s natural beauty, the wood itself had also been lovingly polished with linseed oil.
It was a unique piece of art in itself & I thought it to be just beautiful, the label attached read:
“Healing wand” made by a local lady artist.
Straight away my daughter knew what I was thinking and said to me:
“I bet you’d love that Mom” I nodded & she then suggested that we go into the shop and find out the price of it.
It’s always been my philosophy to not haggle for anything Goddess related & if I can afford any item required for my alter I just buy it outright. Unfortunately on this particular occasion it was not the case.
The lady in the shop took it out of the window and handed it to me to look at, the feel of the blonde spiralled wood was wonderful, I felt tingly all over just holding it, I fell in love instantly with it, but then she told me the price tag of the wand & my heart sank, as I knew it was far beyond what I could afford to spend..
For days afterwards I kept thinking about this beautiful wooden wand & tried reasoning with myself to get it into perspective and accept that it just wasn’t meant to be. I simply couldn’t afford the sum asked for. Eventually over the following weeks I forgot about it completely.

Then a couple of weeks back I received a Freecycle message through my e mail which stood out above all the others. It read:
“Offered beautiful wooden wand made by local artist” & a notice attached saying that the current owners were insistent that it go only to a good home where a healer would use it in her work. Without thinking I felt compelled to phone for it, a lovely lady answered and we enjoyed a friendly little chat, I explained I was a Priestess of Isis & assured her that I thought her wand would be going to a good home, she said that I could have it and would bring it round to me straight away.
This all seemed a bit surreal because wands aren’t the kind of thing that you would often expect to find come up on ‘Freecycle’ and I didn’t know what had possessed me to call for it without seeing it first & knowing that as a ritual tool it would be ‘right’ for me. Anyway true to her word within 45 minutes two sweet young ladies arrived on my doorstep carrying, yes you guessed it, my wand that I wanted so badly whey back in the mists of time.
I was overjoyed to see it had come to me, it was if Isis had said that I had waited patiently and now she’d allow me to have it. I hugged both the ladies & said a big ‘thank you’
One of the ladies explained that it had been bought from the same shop we had seen it in but never used & they couldn’t bare to see such a beautiful object gathering dust & wanted to ensure it go to a good home.

Items which come to us in weird and wondrous ways are indeed power tools, I am convinced the Goddess sends us such gifts to use sometimes, until like Freecycle advocates it is time to pass it on to be used by someone else.
As for my special spiral wand It now lives on my alter next to my Isis statue & other treasured objects where it is well and truly used each day, and I continue to believe that She does indeed, move in many mysterious ways…..
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Wednesday, 28 May 2008

More special stones

Romany Gypsy's hold stone's in special shapes as sacred objects & believe that they are especially lucky.

A stone shaped like a horse for example ensure's luck in horse trading & gambling. A stone heart means luck in love & so forth.

What I love about every stone that you pick up is that they are as unique and individual as people are.

Every time I'm out on the beach now I just can't resist finding stone's with special meanings.

Saturday, 24 May 2008

Stone Beings

Here are a few of my beach combed 'stone beings' I find these stones have a unique personality which you can see through the faces.

Thursday, 15 May 2008

Pay it Forward rules:

Pay it Forward rules:I will send a handmade original gift to the first 3 people who leave a comment on my blog requesting to join this 'Pay It Forward' exchange. Then you have to make the same pledge on your own blog. I'm not sure what the gift will be yet and you may not receive it tomorrow or next week, but you will receive it within 365 days, I promise! The only thing you have to do in return is Pay it Forward to 3 people who comment to your posting on your own blog. (You'll also have to e-mail me your mailing address so I can send you your gift.)

Little Black Sun tassel

I Just love, love, love these wooden painted black sun beads, which i buy from my favourite shop here in Hastings called 'Stone Corner'.
I've made this one into a beaded tassel as you can see, although I have it in mind to use some to make a solar goddess rosary.
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Beaded Beads

Heres my latest Beaded Bead, I gave it to my daughter for her handbag.
I got the instructions from 'Beaddreamz' group files - thanks guys.
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Saturday, 26 April 2008

Crocheted Star Blanket & 'Sunny mini tassel'

This week I have completed these 2 projects.
The Crocheted Star blanket was made into a large pentagon shape with white for maiden, silver for moon mother & black for crone. In the centre I crocheted a fine black pentagram - the idea of the blanket is that it has been blessed with good wishes for a family member 'Ariann' who is due to give birth very soon.
The second completed project was the mini tassel which I called 'Sunny' because of the colours I used and also the process which created the large bead which I got from my 'Beaddreamz' group files. Intially it consists of a layout of spokes of 10 sets of beads which looked like sunshine rays to me. I enjoyed making it & am going to experiment with this process some more.

Saturday, 19 April 2008

Cat Humour

Do not meddle in the affairs of cats,for they are subtle and willpee on your computer।" --Bruce Graham
"There is no snooze button on a cat who wants breakfast"
"Thousands of years ago, cats were worshipped as gods
।Cats have never forgotten this।"
"There are two means of refuge from the miseries of life: music and cats."--Albert Schweitzer
"The cat has too much spirit to have no heart."--Ernest Menaul
"Dogs believe they are human Cats believe they are Gods"
"Some people say that cats are sneaky, evil, and cruel True, and they have many other fine qualities as well."--Missy Dizick
My cat dislikes the term 'pet' She prefers'Friend and Confidant'
"Some people say that cats are sneaky, evil, and cruel True, and they have many other fine qualities as well"
You will always be lucky if you knowhow to make friends with strange cats."--Colonial American proverb
"Cats seem to go on the principle that it neverdoes any harm to ask for what you want."-Joseph Wood Krutch
"I got rid of my husband The cat was allergic"
"My husband said it was him or the cat ...I miss him sometimes"
"Cats aren't clean,they're just covered with cat spit"
"Dogs have masters; Cat's have staff."

Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Here is a simple step by step way to draw a Goddess Spiral. You can adapt this image to put onto just about anything or just have fun doodling.

Try making a gigantic outdoor one to walk/dance along use the beach or stone outline. Go on, you know you want to...

Sunday, 13 April 2008

Cat Clawed Hassel Tassel

I am very pleased to have recently joined a wonderful group called 'Beaddreamz' on yahoo groups. The ladies are all very talented beadaholics.

Every month the group suggests a beading challenge. This months, is to make a beaded tassel.

After looking at some photo's of beaded tassels, I would never have thought such a small simple concept could be so pretty which inspired me to take part.

After deciding on using white and gold coloured beads, I felt rather pleased with my first attempt results, only to find the next morning fur baby Griselda playing cat football with my carefully crafted tassel which looked nothing like a beaded tassel anymore by the time I got it back from her prized claws. The Ladies from Beaddreamz group agree that Griselda should get her own Tassel!

And so I decided to let Griselda have the original (with a few safety moderations made to it) and made another attempt. Which incidently I have named:

'Cat Clawed Hassel Tassel'

it's turned out ok for a first go I think you'll agree.

Thursday, 13 March 2008

My dear little fur baby (pictured here) doesn't like me paying more attention to my handicrafts rather than her. On Sunday morning I got settled into one of my beading projects which involved me using a box of assorted sized golden beads. I noticed 'Griselda' watching, then she leant over and stuck her paw right into the centre of bead box flicking them everywhere.
I gave her a bit of a ticking off and after picking all the beads up set back to work. Whilst Griselda sat in the corner with her back to me sulking.

Suddenly like a giant panther she sprang from where she sat and leapt straight into the centre of my bead box sending every golden bead within it flying out to the four directions.
Fur baby turned around on her way out of the door with the most triumphant look of catisfaction on her face.
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