Warm Greetings.....

Warm Greetings.....
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Thursday, 12 June 2008

Beaded Labyrinth

Here are the 3 stages of my latest completed work which I did as part of a monthly bead challenge for my beading group 'Beaddreamz'.

These small panels are called Magic Carpets.
I intend to work on a series of various labyrinths, to reflect the beauty in the design of them.

I found it best to start off working on a small embroidery hoop and then move on to the larger square one. The beads are mostly glass seed beads and smaller czech ones that I have used and 4 silver heart embellishments at each corner which I thought would be nice to add as love and blessings going out to the four quarters.

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  1. I love your beaded work! I was googling something and found your site. I will bookmark it to come visit again. Blessings, amy


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