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Warm Greetings.....
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Sunday, 13 April 2008

Cat Clawed Hassel Tassel

I am very pleased to have recently joined a wonderful group called 'Beaddreamz' on yahoo groups. The ladies are all very talented beadaholics.

Every month the group suggests a beading challenge. This months, is to make a beaded tassel.

After looking at some photo's of beaded tassels, I would never have thought such a small simple concept could be so pretty which inspired me to take part.

After deciding on using white and gold coloured beads, I felt rather pleased with my first attempt results, only to find the next morning fur baby Griselda playing cat football with my carefully crafted tassel which looked nothing like a beaded tassel anymore by the time I got it back from her prized claws. The Ladies from Beaddreamz group agree that Griselda should get her own Tassel!

And so I decided to let Griselda have the original (with a few safety moderations made to it) and made another attempt. Which incidently I have named:

'Cat Clawed Hassel Tassel'

it's turned out ok for a first go I think you'll agree.

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  1. It did indeed, turn out well- can we have a pic of Griselda? thanks for visiting my blog, Rosie!
    ps the horned crocheted piece is awesome!


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