Warm Greetings.....

Warm Greetings.....
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Thursday, 13 March 2008

My dear little fur baby (pictured here) doesn't like me paying more attention to my handicrafts rather than her. On Sunday morning I got settled into one of my beading projects which involved me using a box of assorted sized golden beads. I noticed 'Griselda' watching, then she leant over and stuck her paw right into the centre of bead box flicking them everywhere.
I gave her a bit of a ticking off and after picking all the beads up set back to work. Whilst Griselda sat in the corner with her back to me sulking.

Suddenly like a giant panther she sprang from where she sat and leapt straight into the centre of my bead box sending every golden bead within it flying out to the four directions.
Fur baby turned around on her way out of the door with the most triumphant look of catisfaction on her face.
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  1. She's beautiful! Very unusual markings! I would love to see her playing with her tassel, but if she is like my kitties, they begin cleaning their nether regions once they realize the camera is out! LOL!

  2. Hi
    I think she was telling you something. Maybe you should have followed the lead of your lovely kitty and picked your beads at random.


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