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Warm Greetings.....
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Sunday, 8 June 2008

Freecycle Spiral Wand

‘Free cycle’ is a network which exists globally to enable people to recycle items rather than throw useable objects of all descriptions away.
Things which are no longer wanted but still may be useful to another person. It keeps good useable items out of the landfill sites and passes on items that we have which are cluttering up the home, are no longer being used or just surplus to requirements & no longer needed.
Check out freecycle.org to find out your nearest group and join. It works through yahoo groups & e mail & telephone (which is all you’ll need to get started)

Personally I along with millions of other people globally think it to be a wonderful scheme, I’ve received a few items that I have wanted & been delighted with over the past 2 years since becoming a freecycle member.
Also I have managed to pass on things which enabled me to create more space at home & clutterbust secure in the knowledge that my old things were being passed on to do some more good in the universe.

One true story that I’d like to share here, involves my most recent acquisition in the way of ritual regalia.
I believe the Goddess does indeed work in mysterious ways & sometimes if we are meant to acquire a particular ‘power tool’ to assist with our magick work then Isis, as I have discovered ensures that it comes to us one way or another.

This particular story started about 3 years ago when my daughter and I were walking through the trendy ‘Old Town’ area of Hastings, near where we live. Whilst window shopping together one afternoon we both noticed in the display of one particular shop a beautiful handcrafted wooden wand which I thought to be quite special has it had a natural twisted piece of wood around it which the artist had left alone, although the remainder of the wood had been enhanced by the burnishing of pretty goddess spirals upon it which to my mind only added to it’s natural beauty, the wood itself had also been lovingly polished with linseed oil.
It was a unique piece of art in itself & I thought it to be just beautiful, the label attached read:
“Healing wand” made by a local lady artist.
Straight away my daughter knew what I was thinking and said to me:
“I bet you’d love that Mom” I nodded & she then suggested that we go into the shop and find out the price of it.
It’s always been my philosophy to not haggle for anything Goddess related & if I can afford any item required for my alter I just buy it outright. Unfortunately on this particular occasion it was not the case.
The lady in the shop took it out of the window and handed it to me to look at, the feel of the blonde spiralled wood was wonderful, I felt tingly all over just holding it, I fell in love instantly with it, but then she told me the price tag of the wand & my heart sank, as I knew it was far beyond what I could afford to spend..
For days afterwards I kept thinking about this beautiful wooden wand & tried reasoning with myself to get it into perspective and accept that it just wasn’t meant to be. I simply couldn’t afford the sum asked for. Eventually over the following weeks I forgot about it completely.

Then a couple of weeks back I received a Freecycle message through my e mail which stood out above all the others. It read:
“Offered beautiful wooden wand made by local artist” & a notice attached saying that the current owners were insistent that it go only to a good home where a healer would use it in her work. Without thinking I felt compelled to phone for it, a lovely lady answered and we enjoyed a friendly little chat, I explained I was a Priestess of Isis & assured her that I thought her wand would be going to a good home, she said that I could have it and would bring it round to me straight away.
This all seemed a bit surreal because wands aren’t the kind of thing that you would often expect to find come up on ‘Freecycle’ and I didn’t know what had possessed me to call for it without seeing it first & knowing that as a ritual tool it would be ‘right’ for me. Anyway true to her word within 45 minutes two sweet young ladies arrived on my doorstep carrying, yes you guessed it, my wand that I wanted so badly whey back in the mists of time.
I was overjoyed to see it had come to me, it was if Isis had said that I had waited patiently and now she’d allow me to have it. I hugged both the ladies & said a big ‘thank you’
One of the ladies explained that it had been bought from the same shop we had seen it in but never used & they couldn’t bare to see such a beautiful object gathering dust & wanted to ensure it go to a good home.

Items which come to us in weird and wondrous ways are indeed power tools, I am convinced the Goddess sends us such gifts to use sometimes, until like Freecycle advocates it is time to pass it on to be used by someone else.
As for my special spiral wand It now lives on my alter next to my Isis statue & other treasured objects where it is well and truly used each day, and I continue to believe that She does indeed, move in many mysterious ways…..
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  1. I can't believe that no one has commented on your pay it forward post. I would be delighted to participate and will, indeed, pay it forward.

    Should I copy and paste your post to do this or whould I create my own? I'm sorry, but I've never done this before.

    Thanks so much for allowing me to participate.

    P.S. I found your blog after reading about your greem movement bracelet on one of the bead lists. Love it!


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