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Sunday, 20 July 2008

Goddess Dolls

The first Beaded doll is called 'Tara Star at the top of the mountain' named by Olivia Robertson of the Fellowship of Isis.
The second beaded doll I call Babalon.

Healing goddess dolls have become quite a phenomena, they come in all shapes & sizes and made from a whole host of materials.
The idea is that they represent your chosen goddess or healing intentions & are imbued with your healing thoughts, energies, prayers, well wishes which may be put together in the form of a simple tiny doll for a specific purpose.
For example a seasonal devotional doll in honour of the wheel turning or a doll in the shape of a traditional ‘goddess pose’ such as the famous ‘The Lady of the Nile’ with open up stretched crescent arms
These dolls could be in any of the goddess triple aspects or you may choose a specific goddess to preside over said celebrations and choose to make it in her image. For example the Goddess Flora of Springtime could be made from floral fabric and you may like to embellish her design with tiny beaded flowers & leaves. You could place floral aromatherapy scents inside the dolls body & even prayers or wishes and herbs and crystals if you wished to do so. You’re only limited by your own imagination.

Another wonderful offering of your Goddess/spirit/comfort/healing dolls can be to become involved in the ‘Comfort doll’ project.
Lots of generous spirited ladies are making little so called ‘comfort dolls’ some with beautiful messages of hope embellished onto them. I have seen fine examples with simple inspirational inscriptions carefully embroidered onto them which read such encouraging words as:

Dream - Joy – Create – Dance – Blessings - And a whole host of other positive affirmations.

These ‘comfort dolls’ are sent to venerable victims in positions of having to rebuild new lives after undergoing some major life trauma such as ladies in woman’s refuges and of recent the Tsunami victims.
I believe they are a lovely idea if you have lost everything, or lonely, sad, frightened to think someone, somewhere has taken the time and energy to make a personal little offering to lend a little hope means a lot.
They are something tangible to keep as a constant message of light in the world and a reminder that people do care, a lady could keep a comfort doll close to her in her pocket or handbag.
To see more about the comfort doll project please visit:


I have enjoyed making these little goddess dolls over the years, and know they can be as simple or complex as you wish them to be. I’ve held free workshops in my local park for moms and daughters to make these little dolls together. Kids just love making them as much as we do.
If the children are too young to use needle and thread they still can stick them together using beads and coloured threads.
It’s great fun too to recycle pretty old fabric scraps and broken jewellery and in turn create a new work of art. I’m always collecting everywhere I go, looking out for bits and pieces to use. People are usually quite happy to donate old broken beads and glittery things to use and it can become quite contagious with other people getting involved too.
These tiny dolls are easy to carry whilst you are working on them, so you need never have another bored moment again you can take a little goddess doll work kit with you wherever you may go and just add a little bit at a time, it’s surprising how they develop into beautiful personalities all of their own.
Happy Birthing of your own Goddess dolls ladies.

Love – Rosie x

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