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Warm Greetings.....
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Friday, 14 November 2008

Prayer Boxes

Prayer Boxes can be used for many different uses. Many people keep them upon their shrines and ask that their own tutelary Goddess Bless the prayers & wishes placed within the box.
The idea is that you write down your desire (or even write down a prayer on behalf of others) and place the wish inside the box.
You may also like to keep reiki symbols to enhance the manifestation process, or draw other meaningful symbols such as goddess spiral or pentagram or whatever else you may feel is appropriate.
You may also care to add crystals, herbs and elaborate the process as much as you want so it becomes more like a spell or you may just prefer to keep it simple,
The choice is personal.

My own small wooden box is one that I found in an occult shop which I like because it’s made from oak and has a silver pentagram inlaid on the lid. It just makes me feel happy to look at it.
I also have a large one that I made from an old recycled wooden toolbox which I painted silver inside and then embellished with silver glitter spirals. The outside is painted in the colours of either the rising/setting sun with a large dragon over the top which I am rather proud of.
I read in a Feng Shui book once never to put any kind of border around Dragons because they like to roam free and have a chance to grow bigger (I think they were talking specifically about Dragon logos on business cards) – anyway, this stayed in my mind so my dragon remains unrestricted J
I now use the Dragon box to keep my candles in & to bless them.

One final object I use is also a pink prayer basket, I found it in a charity shop I love its vibrant pink colour and the shape of it, this one was used more specifically for Reiki healing prayers, I write down the healing required either for a person, animal or situation and put in my pink prayer basket. At the bottom of it I keep Reiki symbols & as I close the lid I ask that the Goddess may assist with the healing process. Then whenever I can I hold the basket and envisage the healing assistance going to the named recipients in the pink basket.
Distance healing can be fun, its nice to be able to focus our intentions like this, I often feel tingling in my hands whilst holding them over the prayer boxes, also amulets, charms or just nice gifts for people may also be placed within to imbue with a special bit of magic.

I hope this inspires you to make a little prayer box of your own, you could even make one from cardboard and decorate with your own designs & embellishments. There are lots of box templates on the internet freely available to printout, you could even recycle old cereal boxes or any bits of old cardboard and transform into a beautiful personal prayer box.

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